10 Billion U.S Dollars borrowing from the United States: Finance Committee


A member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee Ahmed Al-Hajj issued a press statement that Washington has agreed to deliver 10 billion U.S dollars as a loan to Iraqi government.

Al-Hajj further added in his statement that the U.S government has agreed without bounding Iraqi government to utilize these amounts in a specific field or sector. The amount of 10 billion U.S dollars can be used to overcome the deficit problem of Iraqi budget 2016 or investment in any private sector.

Al-Hajj added that Iraq is experiencing the most critical economic and financial crisis such as the unavailability of salaries for government employees. It is also expected that a part of this amount will be used for payment of staff salaries and remaining to be used for different investment fields in the country. Muhammad Saleh, the economic affairs adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi also said in a press statement about the agreement of borrowing from the United States in order to support the Iraqi financial institutions to overcome the financial problems.

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