100 Companies participated in Baghdad Security and Defense Exhibition


The fifth Baghdad International Fair Exhibition has ended yesterday. This exhibition was conducted specifically for Security and Defense. The exhibition was managed in participation with more than 100 local and foreign companies including a number of Arab companies.

This exhibition conducted by General Company of Iraq. The head of the General Company for Iraqi fair exhibitions Adel Al-Masoodi said in a press statement that the exhibition played an important role in contribution for the support of the Iraqi armed forces and coalitions of the Iraqi popular crowd in a contract with the reasonable and thoughtful international companies. This exhibition presented latest and modern armed weapons and vehicles that are more powerful in the battlefields.

He also pointed out that this exhibition has fulfilled its main objectives and opened doors in order to purchase the most latest and effective armed equipments and military weapons. This exhibition has provided more useful solutions in order to fully arm the Iraqi security forces and popular crowd. He further added that General Company also provided a handsome logistical support in the achievement of sensational economic and cultural war presentation. This exhibition found more beneficial to overcome the hurdles in the success of the Iraqi military and ammunition industry. A large number of government and military officials visited in this exhibition. Most of the military specialists also visited to see the military equipments and war machinery that are perfect in the defense and security point of view.

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