120 MPs need resignation of Speaker to attend session of Iraqi Parliament: Abdel Azim


The Iraqi Liberal Bloc confirmed that bloc didn’t discourage the protesters for withdrawal from the “Sit-ins” in the Iraqi House of Representatives. The protesters are continuously conducting meetings and focused on the arrangements for the selection of new Speaker of Iraqi Parliament.

The protesters in the Iraqi Parliament also said that they will not attend any Iraqi Parliamentary session called by Salim Al-Jubouri. One of the protester’s MP Abdel Azim said that a meeting of Iraqi Parliament will be held today, but it will not be constitutional. He also pointed out that today’s session called by Al-Jubouri can be attended by the protesters in the Iraqi Parliament, but after the guarantee of submitting the resignation by the current Speaker Salim Al-Jubouri, otherwise all the 120 protesters MPs will not attend today’s session.


He stressed that most of the MPs are demanding reforms, but not only change of the Speaker of Iraqi Parliament. He added that a large number of MPs need a significant change in the presidencies of the government because the current government has failed due to political quota system and they didn’t provide any successful achievement. He added that the Iraqi political process didn’t serve for the betterment in the country and it has proved over the past 14 years. He stressed that parliamentary protesters don’t need to replace only faces, but the entire political process should be changed. The last couple of years proved a huge corruption that reflected negative impact on Iraqi financial and economic condition, and increase in the terrorist activities by Daash organization and other terrorist gangs.

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