13 Billion/ month corruption in the issuance of oil licenses: Al-Araji


On Monday, the former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa Al-Araji said that there are a number of corruption files regarding issuance of licenses to foreign oil companies.

He delivered his words during a press conference in Baghdad that Haider Al-Abadi wrongly identified the Iraqi people that Iraqi crude oil cost per barrel is two U.S dollars, but its original cost is 20 U.S dollars per barrel. He blamed the former Minister of Oil and the Head of Oil and Energy Committee of Ministers Hussein Al-Shahristani for the issuance of licenses to foreign companies and it caused wastage of Iraqi money estimated at more than 13 billion U.S dollars per year. Al-Araji further added that there is already a lawsuit against the corruption in the issuance of licenses for a number of years.

It is important that there are a number of people need to know that why Al-Araji didn’t arouse this case at the time when he was the Chairman of Iraqi Parliamentary Integrity Commission? He also explained that “I was a deputy prime minister and I tried to remove those elements, but I was unable in getting accurate results and I didn’t follow-up those issues, but thieves of public money should be detected and put them behind the bars”. Point to be noted that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has announce to form a “supreme committee” in order to open large corruption files especially related to oil contracts, weapons dealings, electricity projects and trade in the Al-Maliki’s period.

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