43 Bills Ready for Voting, including Approval of New Iraqi Cabinet: Jubouri


The Speaker of Iraqi Parliament Salim Al-Jubouri issued a statement on Saturday that the office of the Iraqi Parliament had received 43 bills and they are now “Ready” for voting from the Iraqi House of Representatives.

He added that issue of three presidencies and new list of nominated ministers for Iraqi cabinet are at top priority. He also confirmed that Iraqi people would get good news next week. He stressed that all Iraqi political blocs should monitor corruption within their political blocs and corrupt elements should be eliminated, so corrupt persons should not be penetrated into Iraqi administrative and financial institutions. Al-Joburi further added in his speech on Saturday in the session of Iraqi Parliament. He said that Iraqi Parliament Speaker office received a number of bills and 43 bills have been finalized and these 43 bills are now ready for voting.

Salim Al Jabouri

He confirmed that those bills will be presented in the Iraqi House of Representatives in the coming sessions. He stressed that Iraqi Parliamentary Committees should finalize and speed up their work. He pointed out that most of 43 bills are important including Anti-Terrorism Law of general amnesty, Accountability and Justice Law, National Guard Act and the issue of Vice-President Posts. Most of the economic and financial experts believe that Iraqi government is moving for betterment and Iraqi future is bright. A number of currency investors are hopeful that Iraqi Dinar currency will be boosted after maintaining stability in the Iraqi financial institutions. A number of Dinar Gurus also predicted that Iraqi Dinar Revaluation is near and investment in the Iraqi Dinar currency would be a much better option to secure your future investment.

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