72 International Leaders involved in Money-Laundering including Iyad Allawi


The BBC published a report and indicated that at least 11 million documents have been leaked out from Musak Fonseca Legal Services.

Its head office is located in Panama and this company has been considered in preparing secret documents for a large number international companies. The leaked documents have indicated the links with 72 former and current state personal heads. Most of them are involved in Money-Laundering, smuggling and transferring amount illegally. These secret documents have shown the clear illegal trade relations of Iyad Allawi (former Iraqi Prime Minister), Mauricio Macri (President of Argentine), Nawaz Sharif (Prime Minister of Pakistan) and many others including the President of Ukraine, Prime Minister of Iceland, the father of British Prime Minister David Cameron and the Son of Kofi Annan (the Secretary General of the United Nations).

international criminals

The secret documents are showing the data of secret offshore companies that were linked to the Hosni Mubarak (former Egyptian President), Bashaar Al-Assad (Syrian President) and Muammar Gaddafi (Late Libyan leader). These documents indicated that how the company helped its clients in the operations of Money-Laundering in order to prevent penalties and avoidance of taxes. The documents are indicating that this company has been working for the past 40 years without any blame and this company didn’t charge for any kind of criminal offenses. It is important that (SueddeutscheZeitung) a German newspaper got the secret documents. The secret data disclosed a suspected network operating the process of Money-Laundering and its estimated value is more than one billion U.S dollars. These documents also indicated the involvement of Russian bank in association with the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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