A List of 11 Terminated Iraqi Ministers from current Iraqi Cabinet has confirmed


Our authentic sources informed that the list of eleven ministers of Iraqi cabinet has shown a clear picture of an expected change in the Iraqi cabinet of ministers in order to form a new cabinet of ministers of Iraqi government.

This change is a part of administrative reforms presented by the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi in order to form a corruption free Iraqi cabinet of ministers by adding new technocrats. Following is the list of eleven ministers that are expected to be terminated including two ministers stepped down or changed their posts. This list only indicated the termination or change, but not disclosed the entire list of expected new ministers for the Iraqi cabinet.

list of eleven terminated ministers

  1. Hoshyar Zebari, the Finance Minister
  2. Mohammed Al-Darraji, the Minister of Industry
  3. Hussein Al-Shahristani, the Minister of Higher Education
  4. Falah Hassan Zeidan, the Minister of Agriculture
  5. Hassan Al-Shammari, the Minister of Water Resources
  6. Adel Abdul Mehdi, the Minister of Oil
  7. Adila Hammoud, the Minister of Health
  8. Salman Jumaili, the Minister of Planning
  9. Hassan Rasheed, the Minister of Communications
  10. The Transport Minister Bayan Jabr resigned
  11. The position of Commerce Minister is currently being managed by proxy

The above list is the expected change in the current Iraqi cabinet of ministers and it is supposed that new technocrat ministers will be appointed according to the Iraqi constitution. The Iraqi Council of Ministers has announced the deadline on next Thursday to the Iraqi political blocs to submit their nominations for new ministers.

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