A Major Deal is Expected between Daash and the United States



An Iraqi security source informed that last week at least 20 top leaders of Daash organization have been moved from Hawija to Washington by the U.S security forces. Point to be noted that Daash has a political wing that allowed landing to American aircraft in their occupied area.

He also indicated that a major deal is expected between the United States officials and Daash organization. The source confirmed in his statement that it is very surprising that American air forces decreased its air strikes against Daash without knowing the Iraqi federal government and it is considered as a violation against Iraqi sovereignty and freedom.

He added that the operation of American aircraft landing in Hawija took place in order to carry out 69 people, at least 20 of them are major criminal leaders of Daash organization. All these top criminal leaders have been transferred to the United States. Our unnamed but authentic source also said that the Daash has a political group of top criminal leaders within organization that allowed the American aircraft for landing, it also indicates towards a big deal between Daash organization and the United States.

He further explained that a large number of soldiers, popular crowd and fighter from Albonmr tribes were trapped by Daash terrorists, but the U.S security forces did not make any step to break the siege or to help the popular crowd and fighters. It is important that United States announced several times that there is a shortage of troops in the land of Iraq, but now the U.S has made a major step without knowing the Iraqi government.

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