A meeting between Iraq, Iran and Turkey to discuss the Gulf crisis with the Gulf States


Iran, Turkey and Turkey will hold a trilateral meeting to discuss the issue of Qatar on the pretext of members of the Islamic Conference, while condemning the policies of Saudi Arabia in the region.

“King Salman wants to intervene in Qatar or to organize a coup,” Rezai said in a tweet on the social networking site, read by Iraqi Reporter. “Iraq, Iran and Turkey will meet to discuss Qatar’s crisis with the Gulf States. Under the pretext of members of the Islamic Conference. “

On the other hand, Rezaei denounced earlier in the day the policies of Saudi Arabia in the region, describing King Salman as “playing the role of Saddam and wants to swallow Qatar and Bahrain,” as he put it.

Rezai said on his personal page on the social networking site “Intgram” that “Saudi Arabia plans to dominate Qatar after Bahrain,” adding: “I still remember that Saddam Hussein was wondering during the attack on Kuwait on the causes of dispersion of the Arab nation and says that the Arab world must turn To two or three countries to face the Turks and Persians. “

Rezaei also added that “Saddam used to invoke in his attack on Kuwait to unite the Arabs, and like him came an organization advocating the idea of uniting Iraq and Syria, and that King Salman wants to replace Saddam, swallowing Bahrain and Qatar.”

He also pointed out that “America and the Israeli entity promote these ignorant ideas in order to destabilize peace and brotherly ties in the region,” he said.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, the Maldives and the eastern government of Libya announced on Monday the severing of diplomatic and consular relations with Qatar, accusing the latter of supporting “terrorism” and Iran’s agenda in the region.


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