A special meeting to announce independence very soon: Barzani


On Friday, the President of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani called all the Kurdish parties and Kurdish forces to organize a special meeting to discuss next steps in order to conduct a referendum about the Kurdistan Region.

Barzani said in a press statement that there should be great changes because the regional situation has entered in a new stage and the indications are demanding to take major steps. He further added that the Kurdish people and Kurdish Regional Government has been experienced a number of critical and sensitive conditions. He stressed that we need to avail this opportunity for the people of Kurdistan because the people of Kurdistan are at the international level and the condition is suitable.

Great Kurdistan announced

Barzani further added that Kurdish people and Kurdish armed forces have achieved a number of great victories in the international war against terrorism and we should thanks to our great people. We respect the dedication of our people and great support of our allies because their support provided great victories, but there are still a number of risks. He added in his statement that we are at the stage to declare our independence because we have the right of self-determination and it is our major goal. We don’t allow anyone to become a victim of international conflicts. So, it is an urgent call to all Kurdish political forces to take essential steps in order to find national consensus as soon as possible regarding the independence of Kurdistan and referendum for it. He confirmed that initial dialogue session will take place in Baghdad very soon.

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