A Suicide Bomber arrested and deployed Peace Brigade & declared Red alert in Baghdad


On Tuesday, our authentic source informed that the Peace Brigades and Iraqi security forces have arrested a suicide bomber from a market in the eastern Baghdad.

The source indicated that Iraqi security forces and Peace Brigade were able to capture a suicide bomber before blowing himself in a crowded market wearing an explosive jacket in the Sadr City, eastern Baghdad. The source further added that suicide bomber has been transferred to the concerning authorities for further investigation purpose. The perfect coordination among security agencies and Directorate of engineering against explosives were able to manage disable a car bomb near the 55 Square in the Sadr City in eastern Baghdad.

Bomb explosion on 17 May 2016

Point to be noted that Iraqi security forces discovered the car after the first incident of bomb explosion. The source indicated that first car bomb explosion occurred on Tuesday in the capital Baghdad near a popular market in the district Shaab in the northern Baghdad. Another bomb explosion incident happened in the southern of capital Baghdad in the Al-Rasheed district. This massive explosion caused a large number of injuries and death. The non-official statement indicated that more than 60 people have been dead in this incident. The security source said that state has declared high alert in the capital Baghdad and deployed a large number of Peace Brigades in the Sadr City after the chain of bombing explosion incidents in Baghdad.

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