Abadi Rejected the U.S Offer Sending More Troops and Apache Helicopters


Iraqi Prime Minister

On Thursday, the Associated Press news agency reported by publishing news story which indicates that the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi has rejected offer of the United States to send more American Special force,

in order to train Iraqi security forces and sending Apache fighter helicopters in the battle fields of Mosul and Ramadi. It is assumed that a couple of rejections for the U.S offers are due to growing pressure against the presence of foreign troops from multiple allies. The news agency also indicated that the government of Iraq has rejected multiple offers of the U.S administration in spite of the U.S confirmation regarding the cooperation, collaboration and the approval of Iraq. The current Iraqi security situation is considered unhelpful after the rise in the global-intervention in the internal affairs of Iraq.

This situation has become more critical after the announcement of overtaking on the Iraqi border from the Turkish Islamic Alliance. It has generated more internal and external pressures on the Iraqi government. This situation has created more critical problems for the Iraqi government to manage the international offers in order to support Iraq in the war against the militant groups and terrorist organization Daash. The news agency further said that the U.S Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter has issued a press release on Wednesday and confirmed the rejection from Baghdad regarding the extra support in the war against terrorism. The Iraqi Prime Minister stressed that we have enough ground forces in order to eliminate terrorist groups and Daash organization.

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