Abadi’s Congratulations and Celebration of Iraqi people on the New Year



The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi cheered the Iraqi people on the New Year 2016 and said that this year would be the year for Iraqi people as the victorious year against ISIS and Daash organization.

The Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister issued a statement that Iraqi Prime Minister congratulated on the New Year 2016 to the Iraqi citizens inside Iraq and other countries in the world. According to the statement, Haider Al Abadi said that last year 2015 was also in the favor of Iraq because Iraqi security forces liberated a large amount of area occupied by the terrorists. It is also said that Iraq has achieved a number of targets in 2015, in spite of critical economic problems such as continuous decline in the global oil prices which decreased a large amount of Iraqi revenues.

Another source informed that New Year celebrated in the Iraqi capital Baghdad and it was considered “the largest street party in the world”. The source indicated that more than four million people were participated in the New Year celebration. Our authentic sources also informed that the residents of Iraqi capital Baghdad joined to have a good time on the New Year’s event in various entertainment places, streets and parks. The numbers of people in this celebration were estimated at least four million people including foreign citizens. It is important that Iraqi people showed ‘No Fear’ about the expected terrorist attempts in their joyful moments of celebration. A large number of cities and capitals all around the world celebrated the New Year Eve, especially the European countries.

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