Abul Qadir, the believer, leader of the organization of a supporter of the successor of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi


On Monday ,The “Daily Express” website suggested that the British jihadist Abu Qadir al-Mu’min, who announced last year the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate in Somalia and the pledge of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, would become the leader of a successor to his current leader.

The report said that “because of the failure of the organization in Iraq, it seems that his days are numbered in Syria, and experts expect to take advantage of the insured opportunity and declare succession in Somalia, which would be the greatest threat to Europe because of the easy infiltration of members and the implementation of attacks within Europe.

He explained that “with the dismantling of networks advocated in Iraq, the insured can exploit the opportunity of the existence of this vacuum and seize the leadership of the organization,” noting that “In 2015 appeared in the video and the believer declares the Islamic Caliphate in Somalia and allegiance Baghdadi at the time.

The Daily Express said that “the believer lived in Britain and was a preacher and will use his knowledge of the British through the web sites to influence them and encourage them to join it.”

He confirmed that “the believer who has a red beard dyed henna escaped from Britain in 2010 after he instigated British in mosques in London and Manchester.”

He added that “the believer burned his passport and British nationality earlier to devote his life to jihad as he put it.”

He explained that “the believer recently began to publish videos and audio clips through networks sympathetic to him to publish his speeches and activities.”

“This warning comes after allegations that Somali pirates are working with Islamic extremists to smuggle fighters and weapons from Yemen,” the British website said.

Last year, he announced the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate in Somalia and the pledge of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of an organization in Iraq and the Levant, who appeared to be the closest to the leadership of the organization after Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.


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