According to the IMF, Global Economy is Sliding to Collapse: Experts


A number of financial and economic experts said that statistics of the International Monetary Fund indicated that global economy showed a continuous growth by 3 percent in the late 2015, but the original reduction started in the year 2009.

The important factor is considered the slowing Chinese economy also caused an alarming situation in most countries. This situation became worst due to decline in the global oil prices and increasing export of oil in the international markets. Brazil also faced a major economic decline and considered the massive decline in their history due to Chinese economic slowdown and decline in the global oil prices downfall, but the internal corruption scandal in the biggest oil company in Brazil also caused their economic downfall. It also increased their budget deficit and decreased their currency against most of the international currencies up to 25 percent.

The International Monetary Fund also indicated that Chinese unproductive economic condition showed that downturn in China physical disabled industrial economies in the world. It also sized a large amount of its contribution that took place in the global economy since the nineties. It is important that China is responsible for up to 13 percent of Global GDP based on the market exchange rates by the 2014, as it added only 2 percent in 1995. The IMF also said that economic crisis in the United States caused by the downturn in the flood of bad debt mortgage. The U.S government responded by ensuring that all the financial transaction to be done by the U.S banks as program initiated by the Bush administration. The Obama administration also followed the stimulus program estimated at more than 700 bullion U.S dollars.

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