Al-Abadi should Resign to change its Cabinet: Al-Hakim


Our authentic and reliable source informed that the Head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar Al-Hakim has made an oral request on behalf of the Islamic Supreme Council to the Iraqi Prime Minister to submit his resignation prior to implement reforms.

The source preferred not to disclose his name indicated that President of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar Al-Hakim asked Haider Al-Abadi to make a partial change in his cabinet of ministers and announce the names of ministries that are necessary to be changed. If Al-Abadi is looking to change more than 50 percent ministers of his cabinet then he should first resign from his post of Iraqi Prime Minister.

Al-Hakim with Al-Abadi

After the resignation of Iraqi Prime Minister, another person will be appointed as the new Iraqi Prime Minister. The new Iraqi Prime Minister will be able to choose a new cabinet of technocrat ministers. It is important that chairman of the Iraqi Parliamentary Political bloc Kadhim Al-Shammari issued a statement that the National Council is damaging and pulling the carpet from Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi and they are looking to change entire government and they need to replace all ministers in the cabinet with new technocrats. He added that it would finish the government of Al-Abadi.

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