Al-Abadi will face New Political Crisis in a Couple of Days



The alliance attached to the former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki said that we are members of the alliance of state law and we have earlier supported the Haider Al Abadi government since the beginning of his last year formation of new government.

We fully supported with potential in order to help him to overcome the economic, financial and security problems teasing the country and terrorizing the harmony and dominance. We didn’t resist against internal and external general policies implemented by the current government.

He further added in his statement that we also sustained the reforms packages announced by Haider Al-Abadi in spite of the opinions that we had to prevent falling into the political conflict because it could give advantage to terrorists and Daash organization. But inappropriately, Haider Al-Abadi neglected the basic principle of consultation with most of the political blocs and state law bloc and worsened the general situation in Iraq; it would blackmail devastating events in the next period of time.

He also said that alliance of making new laws and constitutions of Iraqi Prime Minister is exceeding rapidly according to the reforms process. The Iraqi supreme religious authority also advised to the government not to bypass the Iraqi laws and constitution for implementing the reforms packages due to it’s effectively successfulness. The current introducing new salary scale by the government is the evidence of lack of consultation with political blocs and allies. Most of the Iraqi people believe that this step would reflect a serious threat to the middle class Iraqi citizens.

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