Al-Asadi attacks “Sunni conferences” and accuses them of promoting sectarian discourse


On Thursday, The head of the parliamentary bloc of the Islamic Dawa Party, the Iraqi organization Khaled al-Asadi, accused some parties of seeking to hold conferences to promote sectarian sectarian discourse.

In a statement received by Sky Press, al-Asadi said that “some are seeking by holding conferences to promote sectarian discourse in the country as well as to restore public confidence in it.”

He explained that “the positive conditions experienced by the Iraqis, after the great victory achieved by our security forces of all types and the Islamic resistance and popular mobilization, pushed some faces and political blocs that lost their popular bases to call for conferences, to seek to strengthen sectarian discourse inflammatory,” as he described .

He stressed that “these parties, trying by holding conferences, to restore the confidence of the masses of its components, and it is certain that the death and displacement and the cities of the destruction would not have been for the platforms of sit-ins established by those faces and inflammatory slogans sectarian raised.

Asadi expressed his doubts about the objectives of the conference, which some politicians intend to hold in Erbil, which includes persons convicted of “terrorism and others wanted to the judiciary,” as he put it.

He announced his support for holding any conference in Baghdad, which includes national political parties representing the constituents of the people, who believe in the political process and the unity of the country.

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