Al-Baghdadi wounded or Dead in a targeted Air Strike in Nineveh


A reliable source from Nineveh Province has informed that there were several reports regarding the severe injury of Daash leader “Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi” and many other top leaders of Daash organization.

The reports indicated that International coalition forces bombarded on the Iraqi-Syrian border at the western side of the Nineveh Province. The source said in a telephonic press interview that the International coalition air force bombed at the positions of top leadership of Daash Organization at the Iraqi-Syrian border in the 65 to the western of Nineveh. He added that it was not finalized that how much casualties reported in this air strike.

Al-Baghdadi Dead

He pointed out that there are many reports about the wounded leader of Daash organization; Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi including many other Daash top leaders arranged a meeting inside a compound. The source said that it was a well-timed, targeted and managed attack in coordination with intelligence agencies and secret information. He added that most of the top leaders were entered from Syria to Iraq by a convoy of cars to attend a secret meeting. It is important that Daash Organization occupied the Mosul city since 10th June 2014 and this city experienced some major humanitarian and security issues. The Daash organization had imposed its vision of extremism in the life of the citizens of Mosul. He confirmed that continuous and managed air strikes in the Nineveh province showed a heavy loss for terrorist elements and Daash organization.

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