Al-Fatalawi attacks Al-Abadi: You do not possess the elements of leading the country


The head of the parliamentary bloc, Hanan al-Fatlawi, confirmed on Thursday that the current government has received very large support from all sides, but Abadi does not possess the elements of the country’s leadership.

“The Ab’badi government has received very great support from the people, political blocs, religious authorities and the international community, but Abadi does not possess the elements of leading the country,” she said in an interview to an online media website.

“Many politicians were very objective because I indicated at the beginning of the formation of the government that Ab’badi could not lead the country, but after more than three years of the government, they supported the diagnostic health of my slaves,” Fatlawi said.

She pointed out that “in the period of trying to interrogate Abadi, I received contacts from several quarters trying to keep me away from this interrogation on the pretext of flimsy is that the age of the government has not remained for him and who is the alternative Abbadi and other justifications, stressing that many of the National Alliance blocks embrace this view.”

“Not all the governments that followed the change are weak governments,” she said. “They are strong on one side and weak on the other.”

“There are some aspects in post-change governments that are strong and others are weak, whether in economic, security, foreign relations or other aspects,” she said.

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