Al-Fatlawi: Al-Sabhan deleted the tweet at lightning speed


On Tuesday, The head of the movement of Hanan al-Fatlawi said that the secretary of state for Arab Gulf affairs, Thamer al-Sbahan, had canceled his last message at lightning speed, pointing out that it was a “temporary diversion.”

“I did not tell you it was a temporary diversion,” Al-Fatlawi said on the Twitter page, which was deleted at lightning speed. “Those who laughed at her and danced for her did not last long.”

“Sunni extremism and Shiite militancy do not build nationalities and societies,” he said. “The language of moderation, tolerance and dialogue is what must prevail to achieve the supreme interests.”

“I believe we must differentiate between the original Shi’a doctrine and the new ultra-Khomeinist doctrine,” he said in a second tweet.

In a related context, activists commented on the electronic armies of the Fattlawi and the speed of follow-up comments and activities in social networking sites, noting that these hours witness the events of the parliament session, how Ftlawi follow up all these developments and does not have an electronic army, she said?

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