Al-Masari’s dismissal is a big blow to the project “Istanbul 1”


Some might imagine that sacking the prominent Sunni leader Ahmad al-Masari from the presidency of the Iraqi Union of Iraqi Forces bloc in the House of Representatives is a normal event or a natural problem that could occur in a mass of political blocs. However, this dismissal was a major blow to the project, Political reference of the year.

The bloc of Iraqi forces elected the Sunni leader Saadoun al-Dulaimi as head of the bloc instead of Ahmad al-Masari, who was denied confidence. The bloc, led by Vice President Osama al-Nujaifi, rushed to reject Dulaimi’s election and threatened not to attend any meeting before the election of a new head of the bloc.

“The bloc of the United Union refuses to choose Saadoun al-Dulaimi as interim president of the Alliance of Forces, even if the choice is due to age,” said spokesman Khalid al-Mafraji, calling for a “reconsideration of the decision.”

“The bloc is sticking to its presence in the coalition of forces, but it will not accept to attend any meeting before the election of a new president of the bloc,” he said.

According to the information, opponents of Sunni conferences outside the country or what are known as “politicians of the Sunni home”, are the ones who have directed this strike in order to abort the project of finding a Sunni reference, which they see as imposed on them.

“Sadiq al-Masari has provoked some countries and regional sponsors of the Istanbul 1 conference, which hastened to direct the need to speed up confidence in Al-Masari as he is one of the leading members of the project,” the sources said.

The insistence of the Sunni leaders with influence in the Sunni reality on the marginalization of Sunni figures in some provinces, especially the provinces that were occupied by an oppressive organization, leads to the disruption of the Sunni political decision and its fragmentation and drives them not to interact with any project drawn from outside parties, especially if this project It means a Sunni reference.

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