Al-Yaasiri arrived in Tehran to sign important documents


The Chairman of Iraqi Public Integrity Commission Hassan Al-Yaasiri arrived in the Iranian capital Tehran.

According to the statement issued by the Head of Iranian General Inspectorate Organization Nasser Siraj, the Tehran visit of Al-Yaasiri was pre-scheduled in order to sign a memorandum of understanding in Tehran between Iraqi organization of counter-terrorism and corruption and Iranian authorities.

It is important that both Iran and Iraq are looking in making stronger their bilateral cooperation in most of the fields including economic, industrial and security. The Iranian commander of police forces Gen Hussein Ashtri said that border cooperation between Baghdad and Tehran is improving and both countries can perform an important role in strengthening the regional security by exchanging the information for betterment in the security condition between both sides. He also stressed that Iran has a handsome support for Iraq in the fight against terrorism and to eliminate Daash organization and other terrorist groups that are challenging the security in the region.

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