Al-Zamili attacks the Federal Police Commander: A graduate of a technical institute and his presence in the post is illegal


The head of the parliamentary security and defense committee, Zamili, confirmed that the federal police chief, Major-General Raed Shaker Jawdat, is a graduate of a technical institute, pointing out that his presence as a federal leader violates the Ministry of Interior law.

Al-Zamili said during a television interview with Sky Press that “the failure to restore Tal Afar gives the justification and the reasons that lead to a further refueling of the Mosul, and there is fear of the blood and sacrifices made by the army and popular mobilization and the fight against terrorism,” adding that “coordination between the factions and The Peshmerga is very high and the battle of Tal Afar will be easy and fast. ”

He pointed out that “after the restoration of Mosul has been broken the barrier of fear and anxiety and external and internal interventions, and no one can impose on Iraq and the security establishment and the military the other destination that does not doubt the need to restore Tal Afar,” noting that “after Tal Afar will be heading towards Hawija, Of the existing being considered to be the direction of Salahuddin, Diyala and Baghdad, and there became the factories of bombardment and the threat of Baghdad. ”

On the other hand, al-Zamili said that “the team Raed Shaker Jawdat graduated from the Technical Institute and classified engineering electrical mechanism did not enter the military college and the College of Command and Staff and therefore considers his leadership of the Federal Police Command is contrary to the law of the Ministry of Interior,” adding that the federal police gave a lot of sacrifices that cannot Deny it “.

He also said that “there must be a vision and a plan for the government and political blocs on the post-urging in terms of compatibility and form of government and the return of displaced political differences that one of the reasons that led to the fall of Mosul,” asserting that “if there is one evidence proves that the Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani Accused of the fall of Mosul, we condemned him as convicted of al-Maliki and some other personalities.”

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