Al-Zamili reveals the details and prices of the smuggling of foodstuffs to Da’ash in the besieged areas


The head of the parliamentary security and defense committee, Zaki al-Zamili, revealed on Wednesday the dramatic details of the smuggling of foodstuffs and supplies to the organization of “Da’ash” terrorist in the areas under siege and under his control, pointing out that the price of sugar bag reached five million dinars.

“The corrupt officials and corrupt elements of the security services supervise the smuggling of foodstuffs into elements of the criminal organization in the besieged areas, which are still under their control, such as Hawija and Tal Afar,” Zamili told a press conference held at the parliament building.

“The price of a bag of sugar reached five million dinars, and a bag of flour to one million dinars, while selling a kilogram of tea for 100 thousand dinars,” adding that “one soap is sold in the areas besieged by 25 thousand dinars.”

Al-Zamili pointed out that “some of the weapons held by Al-Da’ash in the besieged areas were made in 2017.” He called for “the need to accelerate the release of Hawija and Tal Afar to prevent the recurrence of what happened recently in the village of Imam Western in Qayyarah.”

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