All Border Crossing Points including Kurdistan Started Work of Customs Tariff


الكمارك (2)

On Tuesday, the customs tariff work from all ports and airports have been started at all border crossing points including the Kurdistan region.

Our authentic source informed that all the border crossings have started the applications for working on the customs tariff systems from all the ports and airports for imported goods. The ports of Kurdistan region started working from 16th January. The source also added that all subjects are included in the customs tariff without any exception, as previously exempted some items from customs including cigarettes and clothing. He further added that all materials have been included in the customs tariff system including cigarettes, materials for cars, alcoholic beverages of all kinds, clothing, air conditioning, toys, juices, cosmetics and various other kinds of materials.

The source further added that southern border ports have received remarkable amounts for the state treasury since the implementation of this new system. The Iraqi supreme religious authority earlier said that it would support Iraqi private sector and to generate more job opportunities for Iraqi people in the country. He added that Iraq is experiencing more critical economic problems and these kinds of measures would provide more support as providing more jobs for Iraqi citizens. The head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar Al Hakim also said that there is a much need to activate the role of Iraqi private sector and the need to concentrate on the investment in a positive way. He stressed the importance of getting more benefits by economic slide in order to boost-up the current projects to provide facilities for Iraqi citizens.

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