All Iraqi Borders Started Collection with New Customs Tariffs


The Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee has declared that new customs tariff system on imported goods has been implemented at all the entry points and border crossings including ports of the country.

A member of Iraqi Finance Committee MP Jabbar Abdul Khaliq issued a press statement that Iraqi Finance Ministry has imposed new customs tariffs on imported goods from all around the world at all Iraqi border crossing points including the Kurdish region. He further added in his statement that in the situation of non-fulfillment of the instructions of the Federal government by the Kurdish regional government, the customs tariffs would be applied according to the provincial orders at the borders in the Kurdistan region.

He further indicated that when traders receive their imported goods from the borders of Kurdistan region then Regional authority will collect fees from both, the federal government or the provincial government.  MP Faleh the head of Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee earlier met with a senior delegation from the Iraqi Central Bank headed by the Governor of CBI. He said that a number of financial and economic issues have been discussed in this meeting including current financial and economic condition in the country and customs tariffs issues.

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