Allawi comment on the bombing of the humpback lighthouse and mosque Nuri


Vice President of the Republic and President of the National Coalition Iyad Allawi, on Thursday, that the organization of Dahesh confirmed his hostility to man and civilization in Mosul, blowing it up to the houses of God and holy shrines.

Allawi said in a statement received by “Sky Press” that “gangs are urging, every day, their hostility to man, civilization and sanctities, where the blood of innocent people has been shed and the houses of God and the holy shrines of all religions and sects have been destroyed and destroyed yesterday. Mosul. “

“The Humpa bombing confirms the bankruptcy of moral terrorists after our valiant forces have resolved their miserable end, and confirms that these backward groups and their infamous actions will leave behind only the curses of God, humanity and history,” he said.

“Allawi stressed the need to address the crisis of the displaced people on the basis of correct and compensated, and to create a sound political, social and economic environment for all the provinces that were offered to them, including Baghdad, to avoid the consequences of what can happen, God forbid, if the environment remains as it is.

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