Alliance between Kurdish Parties can Change the Political Face with Baghdad


The Kurdistan Relationships with Baghdad always remained unclear and complicated for years. Both of regions are fighting for their own interests for years. The Kurdistan wants division from Iraq and wants its own home land with the name of Kurdistan.

They don’t want Iraq to control their resources and their economy as well. Kurdistan is a prosperous area in Iraq when agricultural products are produced along with oil reserves. This is the reason that attracts Baghdad to hold everything in Kurdistan. Though Kurdistan is a separate territory but it is still controlled from Baghdad. All its major decisions are take in Baghdad and imposed on the regional government of Kurdistan.

The division policy of Kurdistan became stronger after the invasion of Saddam government. The experts believe Baghdad is becoming weaker with the every passing day but Kurdistan is becoming stronger with the every single passing day. The reason is the alliance of two major parties of Kurdistan to fight against region rights. The alliance of both parties is to join hands to resolve important matters with Baghdad government. The Kurd parliamentarians also remains absent from National Assembly of Iraq for 2-3 months in 2014. It destroyed the parliament proceedings and did not allow Iraq assembly to approve budget. It was first time history that Iraq budget was late up to 6 months.

Alliance between Kurdish Partie

At the end, Noor Al Maliki the prime minister of that time went Kurdistan to ask Kurd parliamentarians to join parliament session. He also promised to settle the things with mutual consensus. Some disputes between both regions are still unclear and unresolved for years. For example, the issue of oil export and production in the region is serious issue to resolve. Baghdad wants Kurdistan to sign every oil deal after taking prior permission from Baghdad and the government. It also wants Kurdistan to produce 500,000 barrels oil per day that should be exported in the international market through Baghdad.

According to Kurdistan oil experts, the capacity of Kurdistan oil production per day is not more than 100,000 barrels. It is impossible for Kurdistan to produce oil in this quantity. The experts from Baghdad are not ready to accept this statement from Kurdistan and they believe the capacity of Kurdistan is far more than 500,000 barrels per day. Kurdistan sells its oil to Turkey and some other nearby countries that is not acceptable by Baghdad. There is also a dispute of oil price to offer for crude oil in the international market.

Kurdistan is willing to export oil in the international market at different rates and Baghdad as different price list. The experts believe Kurdistan’s two party’s alliance is not good for Iraq and it will deepen the division ideology.

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