America to send special advisers to Kurdistan to overcome the financial crisis



Stuart Jones, the U.S ambassador to Iraq issued a press statement that the United States has sent a number of economic and financial advisers to the region of Kurdistan.

These advisers would provide assistance to Kurdish administration in order to overcome the economic and financial crisis in the Kurdish region. A statement issued by the Kurdish Regional Government that the Kurdish Prime Minister Bechirvan Barzani and his deputy Qubad Talbani met with the U.S diplomatic delegation headed by the U.S ambassador Stuart Jones on Sunday. He showed his willingness to provide assistance to manage the financial problems. The Kurdistan regional government is also experiencing shortage of currency in order to pay salaries to staff members and employees.

Barzani further described the major reasons of the Kurdish financial crisis. He also pointed out that excluding the Kurdish regional budget by Iraqi government and the fight against Daash caused too many financial and economic problems in the region. The displaced person in the region and continuous decline in the global oil prices are also considered major issues in the region. It is important that the United States is providing technical assistance on the request of Kurdish regional government. Barzani also welcomed the U.S Ambassador and the U.S special delegation. The U.S delegation pointed out that we will collect the information and financial related data and will take it to Washington and after a short amount of time the U.S technical delegation of advisers and specialists will be arrived to provide assistance in order to overcome regional financial crisis.

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