Americans Not Allowed to Divide Iraq: Ali Khamenei



On Tuesday, the Iranian Supreme Commander of the Islamic Revolution Ali Khamenei issued a statement that the U.S administration is not allowed to discuss about the division in Iraq.

He said that there are full of love and historical relations between Iraqi and Iranian people. In spite the war of eight years between both countries but it was imposed by former President Saddam Hussein and some ‘other foreign parties’. The source informed that the President of Iraqi Republic Fuad Masoum arrived in Iran and received by the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Ali Khamenei stressed that Americans are not allowed to talk about the division in Iraq. He said that Iraqi people should show their unity in the country. We know that Iraqi people are great nation and have wonderful background. He confirmed that relations between Iraq and Iran are much stronger and people at both sides love each other. We have most powerful relations in various development sectors in Iraq. He added that some foreign parties are creating misconception between both countries but we are together and we will help each other in any circumstances.

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