Announcement of Military Operations by Popular Crowd on Seventh day of Liberation of Al-Ba’aj



The popular crowd (Al-Hashd al-shaabi) announced on Wednesday the results of its military operations on the seventh day of the liberation of Al-Ba’aj.

In a statement the Directorate of Media of the Crowd said that “Popular Brigades, carried out from today, which recorded seventh on the second page of the operations of (Muhammad Rasool Allah II), a wide process of two axes to complete the entire district of Ba’aj and also gave liberty to the villages located Northeast of Ba’aj and estimated at 25 villages, most of them adjacent to the border with Syria.”

She added that “the brigades worked to secure and fortify the border strip from the village of Um-e Griis north of Al-Ba’aj and saw to the port of Al-Walid border, west of Al-Anbar province, through the construction of trenches and barriers, and install security points equipped with thermal cameras to monitor all movements and attempts to infiltrate elements calling” . On the level of engineering efforts,

The statement added that “the engineering field of the popular crowd continued the process of clearing the border points reached by the crowd, the lifting and processing of improvised explosive devices in the villages and liberated roads adjacent to the Iraqi-Syrian border,” noting that “the effort continues to dig trenches and construction of barriers between the Iraqi- Paving the roads and fortifying the bunkers for the sections of the crowd advancing towards the center of Al-Ba’aj “.

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