As per saying of Najufi for files are left to be resolved


Former governor of Nineveh province, Ethel Nujaifi, revealed on Tuesday that there are four hot files that will face Nineveh after a duel, pointing out that the files need to be resolved and calm.

Nujaifi said that “the province of Nineveh will face four files hot, at a stage after the urging, and requires a solution or at least calm and take steps towards a solution.”

“The first file concerns Erbil’s relationship with Baghdad and shows its generosity in Sinjar and the Nineveh Plain,” he said.

“The Sunni political file in Nineveh is a dangerous file, which is still cold, but its negative effects are beginning to appear in southern Mosul, which is unstable, and it is expected to be more visible in Mosul,” he said.

“The third issue concerns the administration of the state and the results of the weakness of the administration (including the management of services and the revitalization of normal life, the security file, and the file against corruption and its impact on the administrative and security situation), and the results of this file are exacerbated without the administration’s notice or concern about the seriousness.

“The fourth issue concerns the sectarian Turkmen conflict in Tal Afar, which is a sensitive issue, but it will be easy to consolidate the Sunni-Turkmen support to fight Da’ash.”

He said that “the government in Baghdad still believes in the idea of individual solutions without making any proposal or plan for an individual solution, and we did not find anyone seeking a collective solution that calls for the collection of these files at the table of one dialogue.”

The governor of Nineveh, former Athil Nujaifi, has demanded on Wednesday (5 July), to declare a state of emergency in the province after the liberation, so that the Prime Minister from the Department of liberated areas.

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