Baghdad Assured not to ask for Russian Military Support: U.S Chief of staff



There are a number of countries having various types of nature participating in the fight against terrorism especially against Daash organization.

They are also different in political point of view that how much they cooperate as coalition to help Iraq in the war against terrorism and Daash. The great involvement is creating a conflict of interests of some great powers that are participating in this battle. The major issue is considered differences among United States, Baghdad and Russian relationships. For this part, Gen. Joseph Dunford the U.S Army chief of staff made a visit today to the Kurdistan region. He stressed not to involve Russian in this war because we don’t need support from Russia and we are handling well to the terrorist organizations in Iraq. He added that interference of Russian support is not necessary.

Dnford further added that the administration of the United States received guarantees by the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi and he promised that Iraq would not ask for any military support from Russia. He added that some U.S official personally met with Iraqi Prime Minister but he assured all of them that Iraq will not ask for military support from Russia. The U.S chief of staff arrived on a special and surprising visit to evaluate the progress and the magnitude of the military operations of the Iraqi security forces under new circumstances against Daash and other terrorist organizations. He will also evaluate the achievements in the training program and restoration process by the U.S troops in collaboration with Iraqi security forces.

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