Baghdad Provincial budget reduced and reached at 157 Billion Iraqi Dinars


On Sunday, a member of the Provincial Council of Baghdad Adel Al-Saadi issued a statement that Iraqi Federal government has decreased the capital budget for the recent year 2016 and it is amounted at more than 157 billion Iraqi dinars.

Al-Saadi further added in his statement that the total balance for Baghdad province in the Iraqi federal budget was estimated at more than 428 billion Iraqi dinars. He pointed out that the Iraqi federal government reduced its expenses at more than 281 billion Iraqi dinars and these expenses will be more reduced after the implementations of more reforms.

Adel Al-Saadi added that Iraqi federal government has decreased the budget for the Baghdad province in the Iraqi Budget 2016. It is important that it is second time in one month that Baghdad province budget has reached at 271 billion Iraqi dinars, while the dedicated amount for the budget of Baghdad province was estimated at more than 428 billion Iraqi dinars. He also pointed out that Iraqi government has reduced the capital budget and it would help in the implementation of economic and service projects postponed or stopped due to the shortage of money. He also stressed that Baghdad province has made secure the salaries of provincial employees. He added that provincial budget for other Iraqi provinces should be reconsidered to overcome the current economic and financial crisis in the country.

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