Barzani is unable to represent Kurdish people. MP Shereen Reza


A Kurdish political bloc entirely rejected the idea of dividing Iraq into three regions after defeating Daash organization in Iraq and mentioned that Masoud Barzani and his son are not true representatives of Kurdistan and Kurdish people.

MP of the Bloc Shereen Reza said in a press interview that the alleged idea of dividing Iraq on the basis of spent time, Kurds and Shiites is entirely unacceptable for Kurdish people. She further indicated that Barzani is trying hard and attempting to take over the Kurdish people because the referendum is not an alternative and it will not facilitate him to get closer to Kurdish people, the major factor is because they both don’t represent Iraqi people.

Kurdish MP Shereen Reza

Shereen Reza further added that after the liberation of Mosul, it was supposed that decision should be taken to unite Iraqi people and the country at each level, not the beginning of small-minded sectarian battle. She pointed out that Barzani is looking industry opinion supporter for his ideas in the referendum, but it would be rejected powerfully by Kurdish people. Point to be noted that Masoud Barzani delivered his words few days ago in a press interview that a referendum for independence has been planned to be held this year. Barzani has nominated his son as the first president of the Kurdistan Regional Government. She added that lack of confidence at this level would not allow us to work together under a single roof.

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