Better Relationship between Russia and the U.S would ensure International Security: Putin



The Russian President Vladimir Putin forwarded best wishes to a number of leaders of the countries in the world on Christmas and New Year,

including U.S President Barak Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French leader Francois Hollande. The Russian President basically addressed to the U.S President Barak Obama on the last days of 2015 and stressed that better relationship between Russian Government and the U.S Administration has been considered one of the most important key factors to ensure global security. He further added that positive collaboration between both countries has its own importance. New dialogue sessions would allow Russia and the United States to manage new international threats and challenges.

Vladimir Putin also said to Merkel in a letter that year 2015 showed a great magnitude of perfect cooperation and collaboration between Russia and Germany. It also ensures the guarantee for the security of European countries, so we should resolve a number of international problems and to meet the challenges more efficiently. He stressed for helping each other in order to develop relationships between Russia and Germany. It would be in the favor of both countries and their people. He also said the French leader that relationship between Russia and France are being developed despite the current critical international situation. The citizens of both countries would not allow any kind of misunderstanding and they need deeper cooperation in the war against terrorism and other global security challenges.

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