Britain is committed to finding a “permanent” solution to Middle East crises, including Iraq


British Prime Minister Elizabeth II said on Wednesday that her government would seek a lasting political solution to crises in the Middle East and play a leading role in fighting terrorism. “As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, which allocates 0.7 percent of national income to international development, my government will continue to play a leading role in international efforts to promote global security and promote British values throughout the world,” the Queen said in a speech to the British Parliament. My Government is seeking to find safe solutions to crises in the Middle East. ”

“The government will eradicate the roots of terrorism and play a leading role in the international military operation in order to eliminate the organization of the” Da’ash “in Syria and Iraq. Queen Elisabeth comments on “Breakst” The Queen said her government’s priority was to find broad consensus on negotiations on the country’s exit from the EU. “The primary task of my government is to ensure a more meaningful agreement for the country’s exit from the EU,” the Queen said in her speech, “and my ministers are in close cooperation with the parliament, the authorities of the autonomous regions of the country, the working community and others to find the broadest consensus on the country’s future outside Borders of the European Union “.

It should be noted that the Queen delivered her speech on the occasion of the opening of the new session of the British Parliament. The text of the Queen’s speech is being drafted by the Council of Ministers, and this year the Government has set up a program for the next two years instead of one year.

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