British Prime Minister announced his Resignation


The British Prime Minister David Cameron has declared his resignation from his post of British Prime Minister.

He announced his resignation after declaration of the referendum results to pull out Britain of from the European Union. David Cameron arranged a press conference at the head office of British Prime Minister in London. He said, the United Kingdom need a new leadership and i will be unable to perform his duty for the country in the coming days, and the new head of a new government will be elected in the month of October 2016. He further added that British delivered its words and we really proud on our parliamentary democracy and despite all the facts British should be respected after announcement the results.

David Cameron

He also stressed that we should be prepared for the dialogues about pulling out Britain from the European Union. He suggested that I think that being inside the European Union would be safer. He said that I would provide my full support in making Britain a great country again. He also confirmed that I will help people living in Europe and in the United Kingdom to live with freedom of movement. Point to be noted that voting results declared a decision to pull out Britain from the European Union. This historic referendum took place last night and 52 percent voted in the favor of exit the United Kingdom from EU, and 48 percent voted in the favor of the United Kingdom. At least 30 million people participated in this referendum and the participation rate was at 71.8 percent as it was considered the highest participation rate since 1992 in the United Kingdom.

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