Campaign started by Speaker of Parliament to form New Iraqi Cabinet: Iyad Allawi


The Head of National Bloc, Iyad Allawi has confirmed that the selected list of new technocrat ministers for Iraqi cabinet presented by the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi to the Speaker of Iraqi Parliament has been canceled by the Iraqi political blocs.

He added that all Iraqi political blocs are looking to present their selected candidates for new Iraqi cabinet. Kadhim Al-Shammari said that Iraqi political blocs are agreed to vote for their selected candidates. He confirmed that these candidates will be independent and selection will be according to their professional background and dedication. He added that this list would meet the entire requirements needed by Al-Abadi in forming new Iraqi cabinet of ministers. He further explained that the Speaker of Iraqi Parliament Salim Al-Jubouri has initialized a campaign to ensure the participation of Iraqi political blocs, so he formed a delegation from the Iraqi National Alliance to encourage the political blocs in order to submit their nominations for ministers in the Iraqi cabinet of Ministers.

Allawi & Jubouri

He stressed that this decision was taken due to selected list of Al-Abadi for new ministers has been cancelled in all the way. Kadhim Al-Shammari further added that Iraqi House of Representatives will vote for new Iraqi cabinet in the coming session on Tuesday 12th April 2016. He pointed out that there is sufficient time to present nominations from the Iraqi Political blocs and they should submit their nominations for new ministers in the Iraqi cabinet. Point to be noted that Iraqi Prime Minister Hairder Al-Abadi submitted a list of new minister for his cabinet of ministers on Thursday 31st March 2016.

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