Can Al-Abadi change its entire Cabinet of Ministers legally?


A famous legal expert Tariq Herb said that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi is legally allowed to dismiss all the ministers of his cabinet.

He can also accept the resignations of some or all the ministers and appoint new ministers for his cabinet. He also added his comments in a press statement regarding the discharge of all ministers in his cabinet. He said that Iraqi Prime Minister has the special power to terminate all current Iraqi ministers. He also has the authority to accept the resignations from some or all ministers of his cabinet. He confirmed that termination of all ministers from his cabinet doesn’t need his resignation from the post of Iraqi Prime Minister.

iraqi terminated cabinet jpg format

He confirmed that the Iraqi constitution of 2005, the rules of custom proceeding of the Iraqi House of Representatives of 2006 and the system No. 8 of 2014 of the Iraqi Council of Ministers didn’t put a ceiling on the Iraqi Prime Minister to submit his resignation for the constitutionally termination of all ministers or to accept resignations from all ministers. He is legally authorized to nominate new ministers by keeping his post of Prime Minister. He pointed out that Iraqi constitution, the system of Iraqi Council of Ministers and the rule of Iraqi House of Representatives is different from most of the functional constitutions of the countries in the world. Most of the constitutions require the resignation from the Prime Minister in order to change more than half of the cabinet strength or their resignations.

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