Canada Closed Islamic School when Students Attempted to Join Daash


Al Huda School Canada

The Canadian media reported that one of the schools in Toronto has been temporarily closed.

The Canadian media described that Islamic school in the Canadian city of Toronto affiliated with Huda-School System Pakistan has been temporarily closed their education process. The Canadian media indicated that a number of student from this school were attempted to join Daash terrorist organization. Point to be noted that at least four students of Islamic school tried to join the Daash, but the school principle didn’t release any statement about the reasons for closing the school education process. The school principle advised the parents to review their E-mail for further information and next strategy.

The Canadian public television declared on 7th December 2015 that at least four Somali girls that were studying since last year in the school at Mississauga, Toronto, and suddenly left Canada in order to join Daash and three of them were captured by the Turkish security forces aged between 16 and 19 years and sent back them to Canada. The 4th girl is living in Syria since 2014 and she stated that her sister destination is Canada. The principle of the school Mr, Imran denied the press allegations and said that Canadian authorities didn’t inform the school that our enrolled four girls have been joined any terrorist organization including Daash. He stressed our institution didn’t recognize the identity of these girls. It is important that a large number of Pakistani communities are living in Toronto to learn and memorize Quran. There are only branches of Huda school in Toronto and main branch is in Pakistan.

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