CBI Should Stop Daily Foreign Currency Sales Auction: Zaitoon Al-Dulaimi


Zaitoon al Dulaimi

On Sunday, a member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee Deputy Zaitoon Al-Dulaimi issued a statement that sale of the daily foreign currency auction at the Iraqi Central Bank is being recorded at 200 million U.S dollars.

She also pointed out that Iraqi Central Bank is pulling out at least 80 million U.S dollars per day from the reserves at Iraqi Central Bank.

Zaitoon Al-Dulaimi further added in her press conference arranged by the House of Representatives that the Iraqi government should immediately stop the foreign currency auction taking place at the Iraqi Central Bank, because we have monitored and analyzed a large amount of corruption in these daily foreign currency sales auction. She also indicated that Iraqi imports are near to 120 million U.S dollars, but the foreign currency daily sales auction has been recorded at 200 million U.S dollars. It is considered a major loop-hole and the main reason in declining the reserves at the Iraqi Central Bank.

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