Ceasefire in Syria to be imposed immediately to avoid killing of innocent Syrian people: Al-Abadi


On Tuesday, the government of Iraq welcomed the American-Russian agreement for temporary ceasefire in Syria.

The information office of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi issued a press statement that the Iraqi government appreciates the step of American-Russian agreement regarding the ceasefire in Syria and hope that both parties would respect the agreement. The Iraqi government said that this agreement should be implemented immediately in order to stop killing innocent Syrian people. He added that government of Iraq needs reestablishment of security and peace stability in Iraqi neighboring Syrian people. It is important that more than 2, 70,000 Syrian people have been killed in the recent war and millions of Syrian people displaced.

The information office of the Iraqi Prime Minister also said that our brotherly millions of Syrian people are suffering and displaced. It is important that Russian air strikes targeted ISIS and Daash terrorists in the Syrian territory, but they didn’t executed targeted operations and Russian air assaults have killed a large number of innocent Syrian people. He stressed that we should eliminate terrorism from our region, but innocent people should not be killed and there should be targeted operations against terrorist groups. It is important that Russian air force deployed massive air strikes and killed some terrorists, but also killed more innocent Syrian civilian people. The recent Russian and U.S agreement of ceasefire in Syria should be implemented immediately to avoid more human losses in Syria.

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