Chief Justice of Iraq is supporting Nuri Al-Maliki: Sheikh Jamal Al-Wakeel


On Sunday, the Secretary General of the Al-wafaq Al-Islami movement Sheikh Jamal Al-Wakeel said in a press interview that the leader of coalition of law the former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki is a corrupt man.

He blamed that Al-Maliki provided a handsome support to the demonstrators on the streets of Baghdad. Jamal Al-Wakeel delivered his words in a press conference in Karbala and a large number of news reporters were present in this press conference. He further added that the Iraqi security authorities arrested him (Al-Wakeel) and forced him not to write in giving bad impressions against Nuri Al-Maliki and his party.

Sheikh Jamal

Al-Wakeel further indicated that security authorities imposed these conditions in exchange for his release, but he rejected to do it and described Al-Maliki as terrible man. He further added that the Chief Justice of Iraq Medhat Al-Mahmood has lost lawfulness. He also pointed out that the Iraqi Chief Justice is the man behind the main reason in degrading the performance of Iraq judiciary. He admired the role of news channels in supporting the demonstrations took place in the Central Baghdad. He pointed out that Iraqi people need the implementation of reforms and they want to see corrupt persons behind the bars. It is important that Iraqi security authorities has been locking up the Al-Wafaq Al-Islami movement and arrested Sheikh Jamal Al-Wakeel to a police station in Karbala after this press conference.

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