China and Russia are about to change in the Global Military Balance: IISR


A report of International Institute for Strategic Research (IISR) is indicating that development in the new discovery for the military field by China and Russia would bring a massive change in the military balance globally.

This report indicated with a title “Military Balance in 2016” that China and Russia are developing latest military systems, such as advanced types of ballistic combat with winged missiles and more advanced armored vehicles. It would also decrease inconsistencies in the technology globally and to bring about a new change and advancement in the military power balance in the world. The president of the institute John Chipman said that latest types of perfect winged air to air and sea missiles, advanced air defense and aircraft systems are considered the most latest and advanced types of military equipment.

The president of IISR, Chipman said that setting up security by NATO is based on the confidence and security of its member countries to strengthen the areas of risks. The deployment of Russian weapons could weigh down NATO efforts and undermine the freedom of actions in the region of Baltic and it would also reflect negative impact on the NATO capabilities in Europe. He also referred the Russian activities for the development of “Iskander missiles” air defense systems S-400 in the province of Kaliningrad. It is important that it is first time that report is dedicated to the analysis of military sectors of the countries globally and China and Russia are included for the first time.

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