Christianity is in Danger in Iraq since Last Five Years



A magazine ‘Newsweek’ published a new British report and warned that Christian community in Iraq is still in danger since last five years. The magazine also said in this report that Christian Association groups collected a data from all around the world for a specific project ‘assistance required of the Church’, and on Tuesday, a British charity organization has forwarded a complete report to the House of Lords.

A newspaper ‘Catholic Herald’ also indicated that David Cameron the British Prime Minister recommended the report and delivered his dissatisfaction on the facts the Christian communities are experiencing consistently abused injustice and every day throwing them out from their homes in some countries in the world.

The magazine Newsweek also pointed out the Christian’s problems in Iraq in its report that because Iraq is still experiencing instability in its political sector since 2003 war and maltreatment by Daash that reduced their population in Iraq. This report said that migration of Christian community from Iraq is increasing in the fear of cultural sensitization and increasing killing incidents.

The report warned that a number of Christian communities are escaping from Iraq and they will totally disappear in next five year in such continuous conditions. So, some emergency measures should be taken to control the situation. The terrorist organization Daash occupied a large number of areas in Iraq especially complete hold in the Mosul city in the Iraqi territory since last month of June.

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