Clashes with a preacher in Old Mosul 3 days after the announcement of victory


By Nidal al-Mughrabi GAZA (Reuters) – Clashes erupted between security forces and members of an al-Qaeda organization in the old city of Mosul more than 36 hours after Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the decisive victory over the organization in his former Iraqi stronghold in Iraq, Reuters reported.

An Iraqi military official attributed the activity to “clean-up”, according to Reuters.

“They are hiding in different places,” the official said. “They are hiding here and are showing up there.”

He declined to estimate the number of militants and civilians in the area, but the commander of the hard-line operation led by the International Coalition in Iraq and Syria General Stephen Townsend said that “a few hundred armed militants are still in Mosul.”

“There are abuses, and we have not liquidated every building in this city the size of Philadelphia, and this is what will have to be done, and there are also hidden explosive devices.”

“There are still casualties from the Iraqi security forces as they continue to secure Mosul,” he said.

Reinforcements to help Iraqi forces push up elements of an organization calling on militants with machine guns and mortars from the village of Imam al-Gharbi, south of the city, came after gunmen took over 75 percent of the village.

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