Cleaning Kurdistan Campaign Collected 25000 Tones Garbage


Kurdistan regional government launched a cleaning campaign with the cooperation of European Union in all big cities of the region. The purpose of campaign was to make Kurdistan neat and clean in all the aspects. The name of the campaign was “Let us Clean Kurdistan in One Day”.

The funds for this campaign were provided by European Union and it was also marketed by the Union. The campaign was supported by UNDP, UE and LADP with the cooperation of Ministry of Municipality & Tourism of Kurdistan. It was a successful campaign of collecting garbage in the region that collected more than 25000 tons of garbage from major big cities of Kurdistan like Erbil, Suliamaniyah, Halabaja and Duhok.

The ministry of municipality & tourism Kurdistan said the purpose of campaign is to send a positive message to the whole world that people of Kurdistan are civilized and love to keep clean their surroundings. They love environment and support all environmental strategies of UNO with the total commitment and devotion. According to media reports, thousands of people took part in this campaign voluntarily and cleaned more than 23 tourist’s places of the region. More than 100 semis governmental and private NGOs also took part in the cleaning campaign of the Kurdistan with their employees.


According to LADP Program manager, the scientists have predicted the waste tsunami in the next few years if the garbage of the world would not be controlled. The garbage will be uncontrollable by 2050 as per science prediction. The scientists have predicted that the total population of the world will be over 9.6 billion people and growing waste is the headache for the world of future. Looking at these facts, we must have to start working today to control this situation for the next few years.

European Union believes that we will have to cut down the garbage dramatically from the surface of the world if we want to give a neat and clean world to the other people of the world. The manager of local area development program said the campaign will not only provide a better look to the region, it will also provide another energy source for the region as well.

It is also a key to keep environment clean and healthy not for us but for our next generations. Kurdistan is looking to enhance the tourism activities in the region and all of these steps are taken to ensure it. The security of Kurdistan is the major concern to promote tourism in the region. Therefore; an MOU is signed with the US Security forces to open military bases in the region to defeat ISIS militants in the region.

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