Corruption found in the International Humanitarian Support in Iraq: United Nations


The United Nations issued a statement that Iraq has been considered a disastrous state under the current government. The government of Al-Abadi doesn’t have a perfect strategic planning to implement reforms in the country after destroying the Daash organization.

The Deputy Commissioner for Human Rights in the United Nations Kate Gilmore called the Iraqi politicians to move positively and quickly regardless their political differences in order to form a national unity and present an efficient government. He submitted a report in the UN after his one week visit to Iraq. He also said to Iraqi political leaders that their international allies are much focused to defeat Daash organization, but not willing to provide non-military aid to their country.

United Nations Human Rights

Gilmore called for responsible internationalism in his report and said that international community would not be involved in the Iraqi internal political process and will not force to Iraqi leadership regarding any kind of decision. He also pointed out that reports are indicating that more than three million and four hundred thousand people have been displaced from inside Iraq. He stressed that they need basic humanitarian support, but the amount was not being delivered to them and the allocated amount of international support fund is going into the pockets of Iraqi local officials. So, Iraqi government should resolve their political issues and immediately focus on the corruption found in the international humanitarian support fund in order to provide basic humanitarian ingredients to displaced people.

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